Grass-Finishing Beef to Integrate Soil Health Principles On Our Farm

  1. Limit Soil Disturbances

We avoid digging up the soil when seeding our pastures and hay fields.

  1. Cover the Soil

We use our cattle herd to trample pasture grasses in the summer and leave remnants of hay bales in the winter to armor the soil.

  1. Build Diversity

We are slowly adding to the diversity of the animals on our farm. We have had sheep and will likely add them to our farm again. We have chickens, and we have plans to add a few goats and pigs in the future. We also encourage diverse growth of forage grasses for our cattle to graze.

  1. Living Roots

We use rotational grazing to encourage plant growth, which in turn encourages root growth. This allows the soil to absorb carbon from the environment.

  1. Integrate Animals

This one is our favourite, obviously! Like mentioned above we use rotational grazing to encourage plant growth, armor the soil, and increase diversity. 

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